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Program Name :
"Birds Migration: Indonesia International Performance Art Event
[ IIPAE ] 2006"
An International Performance Art Forum Festival

Activities :

Seminar, Artist Talk, Workshop, Exhibition and Performances

Date :

7th - 9th December 2006

Agenda :
Thursday, 7th/12 – Seminar 1, Workshop, Performance & Exhibition
Friday, 8th/12 – Artist Talk, Performance & Exhibition
Saturday, 9th/12 – Seminar 2, Performance & Exhibition

Theme :

History & Today (Sejarah & Kini )

Participant* :

Performers/ art critiques/ researcher/ observers/ organizers (local or international)

Ade/Asep Deni [Indonesia] Agnes Yit [Singapore] Angie Seah [Singapore] Angga Wedhaswara [Indonesia] Arai Sin-Ichi [Japan] Ari Suryadi Nata [Indonesia] Arief Dharmawan [Indonesia] B+PAC/ Bandung Performance Art Community [Indonesia] Cheng Guangfeng [China] Deden Sambas [Indonesia] Dian Mulyanto & his gank [Indonesia] Emily White [USA] Feriawan [Indonesia] Heru Hikayat [Indonesia] Hong O-bong [Korea] Ilham J. Baday [Indonesia] Inari Virmakoski [Finland] Iswanto GH [Indonesia] Jacques van Poppel [Netherlands] Jane Jin Kaisen [Denmark] Jennifer Nelson [Greece] Jeremy Hiah [Singapore] Juliana Yasin [Singapore] Khairuddin Hori [Singapore] Krisna Murti [Indonesia] Lee Wen [Singapore] Lina Adam [Singapore] Melati Suryodarmo [Indonesia/ Germany] Mukmin Soge Ahmad [Indonesia] Nani Kahar [ Malaysia] Nezaket Ekici [Germany/ Turkey] Performance Art Jakarta Collectivo-Jakarta 32º [Indonesia] Peter Grzybowski [Poland] Prilla Tania [Indonesia] Rahmat Haron [Malaysia] Ray Langenbach [USA/ Malaysia] Razif [Malaysia] Rebecca Conro [Australia] Rizman Putra [Singapore] Roi Vaara [Finland] Saiful Razman [Malaysia] Santo Klingon [Indonesia] Slamet Gaprax & Sallabi [Indonesia] Sophia Natasha Wei [Singapore] S S Listyowati [Indonesia] Teguh Ostenrik [Indonesia] Tiarma D Sirait [Indonesia] Tang Da Wu [Singapore] Yoyoyogasmana [Indonesia/ USA] Yustoni Volunteero [Indonesia] Zane Trow [Australia] etc.


Venue :
Indonesian National Gallery/ Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur 14

Jakarta 10110 - INDONESIA


Program Description :
Performance Art in Indonesia is considered a new genre. Despite the pro and contra’s in society, even in art community, the genre is growing and developing, even though in sporadic ways. To some of the people or groups, they already took serious process in every stage, both in researches as well as event organizing and discourse development. Some individuals have already honored in some international forums.

Further, taking the account of some observations* done previously, it is found some basic discourse gaps in Performance Art. It is well-known, that even in art community and performance art community we would find facts that the study discourse of performance art history have not been acknowledge. This gap has lead into an instant or 'just do it' mode compare to 'think first' before proceeding with your ideas. Later it resulted on stagnation within the process. The concept presented has thin layer of argumentation, because people tends to rely on impulsion compare to rationalization descriptive chain, and or even deny the critiques after all. This influence the richness of performance shapes. Some of the performers in the community even declared they resign due to lack of fresh ideas.

Like or not, understandable or not, the genre is a reality and need to be acknowledge in their own space as one of the science, no bargain.

Looking at the metaphor of birds migrating [Birds Migration]. These can not be obstructed. The metaphor pictures thousands of birds migrating from one continent to the other, reproduction, assimilating, create new species based on their continent specification or even preferred to keep their origin, daring the epidemic faced today, bringing hundreds of dead toll from the avian flu. It’s unstoppable.

Even so, following the migrating birds which runs their ecosystem as the nature law, parallel with the wind, soaring high up into the wide sky, wings glaring and open gracefully, sailing a new frontier, seedlings other life, seeds, plants, rice, yeats, flowers, pioneering the blossoms of flowers and the ripe of fruits, dazzling trees, endemic species surviving to find their food, in a harmony, in a restless livelihood or stability, always moving from one phase of life towards another, designing new cells and oasis.

Birds Migration : Indonesia International Performance Art Event [ IIPAE ] 2006 aimed to self-analog with the above description. The event held variety of spirits within numbers of event with special theme 'Bird Migration" located within several venues. The main spirit is to gather networking between the activists in various events and programs, based on common awareness of the importance in history study of the performance art spreading as a genre in involving actors and many messages in raising awareness towards the political, social, individual, cultural and more. These need further understanding and new strategy in dealing with “current” form, later creating the “present” creations.

The event hopefully could give aspirations for many people related, at least in the knowledge aspect. Together with the Indonesian National Gallery (Galeri Nasional Indonesia ) as the national leading arts institution, it is hope that the event could become one of the main support in art and science, not for Indonesia, but also for the world. [SSL*]



Producers :

Galeri Nasional Indonesia [GNI]
In-Charge :
Head of GNI - Jakarta

Production Director :

Tubagus 'Andre' Sukmana
Production Manager :

S S Listyowati [Atieq]
Seminar/ Workshop/ Artist Talk Division :

Heru Hikayat
Performance Division :

Yoyo Yogasmana
Exhibition Division :

Reza Afisina [Asung]

Curator :

Heru Hikayat, Yoyo Yogasmana, S S Listyowati

Secretariate :
Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur 14
Jakarta 10110 - INDONESIA
T. [021] 34833954/ 34833955/ 3813021
F. [021] 3813021


contact person : Atieq [+62/0 85217292179]



Seminar 1
Thurday, 7th December 2006

Theme : "Birds Migration: A Study in History of Performance Art and Its Management"

Moderator : Heru Hikayat

Speaker : Ari Suryadi Nata [Indonesia], SS Listyowati [Indonesia] and Nani Kahar [Malaysia]

Background :
Such as bird migration from one continent to the others, performance art although was born in western part of the world, the existence have been known, penetrating the boundaries of countries, nation, race and beliefs even in the east or Asia. The community needs to respond in the situation to give spirit, fresh outlet and newborn, in collaboration, new design, new performs, not a new endemic but not unnecessary death.
The birth of such event polish their own history that later create the genre in art community with specific unique character and make them special at the same time controversial. In each country they have their own culture, which involved many situation and causality condition, political, social, economy, cultural and other in the century. This makes the genre somewhat interesting to be analyzed apart from other form of arts in the century or every stages of history.
Performance art involved many aspect of art management. The aspect include (1) institution and event management, related to capacity to deal with organization and relation to the government (2) discourse management, related to vast knowledge and discourse development (3) self-management, related to mind-focus training, consciousness sharpening, mental and physically preparation in determining, preparing and conduct the performance as well as ability to cope with risk afterwards.
As the birds migrating, could the performance art together with performers, community or individuals keep up the wings soaring as wide as it takes in conquering the unlimited sky with no boundaries? [SS Listyowati]

Seminar 2
Saturday, 9th December 2006

Theme : "Performativity"

Speaker : Heru Hikayat [Indonesia], Zane Trow [Australia] and Ray Langenbach [USA]

Background :
Performance art is an art genre which put themselves in a slice. It has various art discipline which already exist, but at the same time avoid many stagnant convention or category. Therefor, it put itself within the avant garde art frontier.
There are other terms in rejuvenating art: contemporer. In art world, the contemporer terms not just reffered to the definition literally, which is “the pressence”. Contemporer reffered more to certain principals similar to critiques, spreading or even to demolish the other existing principals prior to the term. Performance Art also go along with this definition.
Talking about performance art is to give enlightment or renewable spirit in art sense. One spirit that could lead the audiences felt challenge in adventures. An appreciation adventure. Like all of the artists, always put themselves in adventures in any creation they made.
Performance art have a credo "art presented directly by the artists themselves". Performance art more of an event than the materials. With this, the direct presentation is the basic character. The real art-work is the only event presented once in the venue, in that exact moment only. A performance work could be presented several times. But each of the presentation has not been abide to the specific time and space. On the second performance, third, etc, was not the same work anymore, due to the different time and space. The context was really vital in forming performance works. On the contrary, how could an event be publicized widely without documentation? The modern art infrastructure was build on the art documentation refferences. The knowledge on performance art could be found within the books and review on the documents. Shortly, the history keeps the existence.
This is a reproduction technology era. All happening was documented, copied and widely-distributed. From the monumental event, presidential inaguration, parliament congress, trial, graduation, marriage, birth, death and others; as well as all elementary aspects such as, hair extension, new clothes, cable, curtain, green-coloured window lists and etc. Related to art, all of the aspect are considered important and must be well recorded.
Performance art, is an event, so one of the way to get them easilly access in the future is through documentation. The good performance work is a work that could stunned the audiences. The audiences should be successfully persuaded to capture each moments. On the other hand, the public should also demand a unique event that could captive them in their seats to watch all details performances. [Heru Hikayat]

Artist Talk
Thursday, 7th December 2006
Slide/ Video Presentation
by Lee Wen [Singapore]

Friday, 8th December 2006
by Tang Da Wu [Singapore]
Theme : “Tradition and Modernity in Performance Art”

Exhibition [Screening]
Thursday - Saturday, 7th-9th December 2006
Photos and Videos of Performance Art
Theme : "Performativity : Migration Space for The Performers"

Participants: Teguh Ostenrik, Krisna Murti, Khairuddin Hori, Deden Sambas, Melati Suryodarmo, Iswanto GH, Performance Art Jakarta Collectivo – Jakarta 32°C, B+PAC [Bandung Performance Art Community], Rebecca Conro, Yoyo Yo, Tiarma D Sirait etc.

@ 15-30 minutes or tentative parallel in different rooms
Venue: National Gallery/ Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Thursday, 7th December 2006
9.30am – 9.45am
8pm – onwards

Friday, 8th December 2006
2pm – 5pm
8pm – onwards

Saturday, 9th December 2006
2pm – 5pm
8pm – onwards

Angga Wedhaswara [Indonesia], ‘Ade’ Asep Deni [Indonesia], Mukmin Soge Ahmad [Indonesia], Ilham J. Baday [Indonesia], Prilla Tania [Indonesia], S S Listyowati [Indonesia], Yoyoyogasmana [Indonesia], Yustoni Volunteero [Indonesia], Saiful Razman [Malaysia], Razif [Malaysia], Rahmat Haron [Malaysia], Juliana Yasin [Singapore], Agnes Yit [Singapore], Rizman Putra [Singapore], Lina Adam [Singapore], Jeremy Hiah [Singapore], Hong O-bong [Korea], Arai Sin-Ichi [Japan], Ray Langenbach [USA], Jacques van Poppel [Netherlands], Nezaket Ekici [Germany], Inari Virmakoski [Finland], Roi Vaara [Finland], Zane Trow [Australia], Jennifer Nelson [Greece], Angie Seah [Singapore], Sophia Natasha Wei [Singapore], Cheng Guang Feng [China], Jane Jin Kaisen [Denmark], Emily White [USA], Peter Grzybowski [Polish], Arief Dharmawan [Indonesia], Santo Klingon [Indonesia], Zane Trow [Australia]

Translated by Carolina Monteiro

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